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Know more about Ameyo (Professional)
What is Ameyo Professional Web Access?
Ameyo Professional Web Access is a Browser-based application that simplifies the agent- customer interaction, and provides handy features to agents to ensure smooth connectivity. Moreover, it allows the user to use the same log-in information for desktop as well as Web client.
What’s a Browser-Based Application?
As the name suggests, a Browser-Based Application is an application that can be accessed through a web browser using the Internet (and sometimes the Intranet). The language used for coding this kind of application must support the browser. Generally, HTML, Java and JavaScript are used for the coding.
Which functionality makes Browser Based Applications incredibly handy?
Web based Applications can be installed without following the boring and cumbersome procedure of installing and distributing software on hundreds of client computers. Thus, Browser-based applications save a lot of time.
Any prerequisites for running Ameyo (Professional) Web Access ?
The browser should be JavaScript-enabled. Ameyo (Professional) Web Access is best supported by Mozilla Firefox 2.1 and higher, with screen resolution 1024x768.